Storage Place

Cumming Relocated has come to existence due to the huge gap between what moving companies and movers in Cumming said they do and what we discovered they actually did.

We understand that all your belongings are essential and these deserved to be treated as such. Our company’s goal is to buck the stereotype that all moving agencies are the same and that they only offer bad experiences. At Cumming Relocated, we pride ourselves on offering the absolute best and highest quality of experience in the industry.

We offer a full service storage facility where you can keep all of your belongings secure and safe, whether you are looking for a short term storage during your home remodel or a long term option to safe keep your precious belongings for as long as you need and want. Our storage services are proven and trusted time and time again by our clientele.

  • Climate Control:

    Being an experienced moving and storage company, Cumming Relocated knows that every item requires a unique kind and level of care. Sensitive or fragile equipment should be kept and secured at a stable and climate controlled facility. Our facilities are guaranteed to keep all your belongings in an optimal environment for both long term and short term storage. Leaving your most valued items at the weather’s mercy is a big no-no and we are here to ensure that it will never happen.

    Low Rates:

    There are some movers who don’t welcome the option of storage for the fear that it will break their budget. This is why they are left with no choice but to pack and carry everything all at once, something that is not really advisable in most cases. Here at Cumming Relocated, you can expect for low rates that won’t break the bank.

    24/7 Security:

    Now more than ever, storing all your items as safely and securely as possible has been made easier. Our 24/7 security facilities have all been guarded with contemporary and state of the art technology whic9h can prevent even the most genius and creative break in attempts. Cumming Relocated has specially trained and professional staff of security experts that offer constant inventory monitoring. You can have the peace of mind when your belongings are in our care.

    Modern Units:

    All of our units are the latest in the field that comes with breakthrough features that you will surely appreciate and love. The units that we use for storing your valuables also undergo regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure that nothing will be compromised or disregarded. We never think twice in investing on the most contemporary storage units available.

    short/long term:

    Whether you are looking for a long term storage or a short term one doesn’t really matter because in our eyes, all storage needs are as equally urgent and essential. Our facility can accommodate your items for as long as you need and want so you can be confident that your things will be under watchful eyes of our staff.

    full access:

    We also know that every now and then, you will need to check or even get some of your items, depending on your needs. We give you complete access to your items during their length of stay in our storage facilities so that you too can keep your eye on your precious belongings. Just let us know when and we will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand here.